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Purchase of titanium scrap

Scientific production association LLC «NPO Vtorpromresursy» company is one of the largest buyers of titanium scrap and titanium shavings across Europe and the Russian Federation.

Technical requirements for lump scrap of titanium alloys:

  • brand assortment of lump scrap:
    • category A: OT-4, PT-7M, PT-3B, АТ3, PT-1M, 3М, 2В, 40, ВТ-16, ВТ-15;
    • category B: ВТ-5, ВТ-6, ВТ-6С, ВТ-3-1, ВТ-8, ВТ-9, ВТ-14, ВТ-20, ВТ-22, 5В, 14, 19, 27, 37, ВТ-23;
    • category C for low grade ferrotitanium (with high tin and aluminum) : ВТ-5-1, ВТ-8-1, ВТ-8М-1, ВТ-18У, ВТ-25У, ВТ-18;
  • welded seams are allowed;
  • the containers must have at least two openings, with a diameter of at least 20% of the linear size of the site, which located at different ends, in order to ensure explosion safety during remelting;
  • external and internal thread allowed
  • traces of fire cut are allowed
  • dust and oxide film allowed
  • not allowed on the surface of the pieces: flaking corroded metal, slag, molding sand, ceramic residue, paint, oil, electroplating and other coatings
  • every piece is checked for compliance with the chemical composition;
  • delivery of categories in a separate packagings.

Purchase of titanium scrap

Scientific production association LLC «NPO Vtorpromresursy» purchases titanium scrap at a high price.

Technical requirements for titanium alloy scrap:

  • wind-shaped dry scrap of titanium and its alloys are suitable for the purchase;
  • inclusions of ferrometry, scrap fragments, emulsions, oils should not be present;
  • signs of temper colors appearing due to the high heat impact should not be present.

If you are interested in scientific production association LLC «NPO Vtorpromresurs» products, please, be free to contact us by contacts listed below, or leave your data in the feedback form.

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